Webroot vs Avast: Which Antivirus is Better

Generally, some of us use the internet without excellent antivirus protection. We forget that we intentionally put our privacy and sensitive data at a high risk of phishing and malware attacks. The global malware industry is quite big. Hence, it is nearly impossible to defend your online activities and sensitive data. 

It has become too dominant to protect your networks and online activities with a strong Antivirus. However, we often get confused about which antivirus is better. 

In this post, we are putting a battle between Webroot vs Avast antivirus to help you decide which antivirus is better. We will cover the comparison of features and ease of use of both to understand Webroot vs Avast better.

Webroot vs Avast

Webroot vs Avast - Features


Webroot antivirus software stands apart from many competitors for its cloud-based unlimited resources available for your systems or devices. Its smaller footprints make it an ideal choice for low powered PCs. Moreover, this software primarily focuses on the protection of your Mac and Windows. However, it does not act as a leader in the mobile market. No doubt, it offers narrow mobile protection but does not develop its own password protection. In sum, we can say that it is not the best antivirus. However, we can consider it somewhat better than basic password managers. Moreover, the users are advised to visit the official website webroot.com/safe to setup the Webroot Antivirus.


Avast is a traditional antivirus that avoids cloud-based scanning. We recommend it especially for free customers on PC. Moreover, it offers a bundle of features rather than Webroot. Avast includes the best ransomware and phishing protection features with sandbox testing tools. In addition to this, this software blocks all camera spies and file encryptions through an additional set of premium features.

Our Thoughts

We found webroot’s different approach of protection to be interesting. However, it is light on the features side. Although, Avast antivirus is the all-rounder protection software that provides the best security against typical dangers. Hence, it owns a big name in the market. Here, Avast wins the race between Webroot vs Avast battle.

Webroot vs Avast – Ease of Use


Webroot is no doubt blisteringly quick to install with an installation file of around 5MB only. It is a simple client with side menus that let you access your account settings. Moreover, the interface of Webroot is easiest to use because of no overload of icons and features.


Here we must say that the Avast installation process is not as fast as the Webroot, but it is not far off. After you confirm the terms and conditions and hit the install button, the installation process is complete within seconds. Moreover, it has a great color scheme for the users, unlike in Webroot.

Our Thoughts

Avast is simple with appealing color schemes. Also, this client is packed with all the necessary features rounding the best protection. Accordingly, the time it takes to installation is quite speedy if we compare it with Webroot. Moreover, the Webroot antivirus software consists of many features that you do not actually need. Here also, Avast wins the race between Webroot vs Avast battle if we look into the ease of use.


Knowing about the features and ease of use, we can conclude that Avast stands the winner in Webroot vs Avast comparison. If you also wish to go for a better antivirus with easy to use interface and outstanding features, we recommend opting for Avast. We have figured the best aspects for you in this post to help you make a perfect decision.

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