Webroot Download

Webroot Download

Important Points To Recall Before Downloading the Webroot Software

  1. It is recommended to use your personal Wifi network for downloading the software to prevent identity theft. Also, you may face software setup issues, if public wifi does not provide high-internet speed. 
  2. Your device must be absolutely compatible with the software you are going to download. Hence, check the RAM, browser compatibility, drive space, and operating system version. 
  3. Also, it is necessary that you should log in to your PC as an administrator for downloading the software. 
  4. Further, there must be adequate space on your device. If not, clean the drive or remove some of the unusable applications from your device. 
  5. In addition, close all the internet-based applications that are running in the background. This will optimize your device performance and the downloading will be done in just a few moments.

Explained Procedure to Download Webroot on PC

Below given are the different procedures for downloading your webroot product. You can download a free trial or a paid subscription-based on your choice. Also, if you have purchased the subscription from a retail store, you can perform the Webroot Download process with the help of a CD also.

Explained Procedure to Download Webroot on PC
  • Download a Free-Trial

Some of the Webroot products are available free so that you can take a trial before purchasing a subscription. To download a free-trial, proceed forward to the webroot.com/safe website. As per your usability, select among “For Home” or “For Business” options given at the top of the homepage. Then select the product that is best suitable to your requirements and click “Start Free Trial”. Furthermore, Webroot will request you to provide some of your personal details that will not be shared with anybody else. Hence, enter your First Name, Last Name, eligible email address, and country name. When you fill all the details, tap on “Start Free Trial” to get started with the Webroot Download procedure. Thereafter, run the file for installation. 

  • Buy a Webroot Subscription and Download
  • Go to webroot.com and make a selection for a Webroot product that best suits your specific needs. 
  • Then, click “Add to Cart” and a new window will be presented on your screen. For Webroot download, add your personal details i.e Name, Email Address, State, Postal Code, city, and provide your correct Billing Address. 
  • Now, choose a desirable payment method among the options available i.e Credit Card, Debit Card, or PayPal. Add the required payment details and click Buy Now. 
  • Once you have acquired the subscription, you will get an order confirmation mail. Access the mail that also comprises a download link. For Webroot Download, click on the link and within a few moments, the software will get downloaded on your PC. Thereafter, access the setup file, accept the software agreement, and click “Agree and Install”. 

  • Webroot Download via CD

Place the software CD into your DVD/CD drive. You will get to see a dialog box, click Setup. The Webroot Installer window will turn up on your screen. Click on the “Install Options” tab and customize the location to save the application in a secure folder. Additionally, change the language and read the whole Software License agreement. If you completely abide by the agreement, click “Agree and Install”.

How to download a Webroot Software on Mobile?

How to download a Webroot Software on Mobile

To perform the Webroot Download process on mobile, you have to carefully read and pursue the given instructions. 

  1. In accordance with your mobile version, launch either one of the applications i.e Play Store or App Store. Hover your cursor and place it in the search bar. 
  2. Now, type “Webroot” in the search bar and select a product that fulfills your security needs. Tap Install and once it is downloaded, tap “Open”.
  3. A new window will turn up on your screen containing the Installation Agreement. Open the link and read the document cautiously. Once you get aware of all the statements mentioned in the agreement, tap the Agree & Launch button. 
  4. One-by-one few pop-up boxes will be shown to you asking your authorization to access photos, media, and other files or data available on your phone. Tap “Allow”.
  5. A new window will come into view with two different options i.e “Activate and “Skip”. If you are a first-time user, you can start the free-trial by tapping on the Skip option. 
  6. Otherwise, click Activate and you will get to see a pop-up box asking you to enter your activation code. Input all the alphabets and numeric values of the keycode perfectly. Then, tap “OK”. 
  7. If you have provided the code correctly, the “Success” pop-up box will be shown to you indicating that the activation is done successfully. Tap OK. Activate all the settings to enable security on your phone. 
  8. Now, you will see a new window where you find a tab “Scan for Viruses”. Tap on it and the scanning will be done in just a few seconds. Finally, click “Finish”. In this way, you can execute the Webroot Download process on your mobile.